Tactical Antenna Relocation Kit(Black, Tan, or Green) - Harris & M/A-Com Public Safety Radios


P/N: ARK-HA-V1: For Law Enforcement/Public Safety Harris(L3Harris) & M/A-Com Jaguar 700P, 700Pi, 710P, P5100, P5130, P5150, P5200, P7100, P7130, P7150, P7170, P7200, P7230, P7250, P7270 P5300, P5350, P5370, P5450, P5470, P5500, P5550, P5570, P7300, P7350, P7370, XG-15(P/MultiMode), XG-25(P/Pe/MultiMode), XG-75(P/Pe/MultiMode) XL-95 Connect XL-150P XL-185, XL-185P, XL-185Pi, XL-200, XL-200P, XL-200Pi

The Made in the U.S.A. Antenna Relocation Kit allows you to safely move your antenna to the back of your carrier vest or backpack. This system will improve line of site communication and stop the radio antenna from poking you/bothering your peripheral vision. The A.R.K Version 1 includes a new antenna & all needed connectors. This System is based on your radio’s frequency range, please confirm & select before purchasing. Available in:

  • 698-870MHz
  • 806-941MHz
  • USBP Spec

This is the only relocation system available for the Harris Public Safety Radio. Tested and field proven. The A.R.K. system requires absolutely no tools and is installed in seconds. 

The Quick Disconnect feature will allow you to leave the cable, antenna/pouch rigged to your vest at all times. During gear up, radio charging, rig changes, the radio can be connected/disconnected to/from the system in under 60 seconds. Features & benefits of the Antenna Relocation Kit:

  • High Quality Replacement Antenna
  • High Quality-Strength Antenna Extension Cable
  • 2 Cable Lengths Available: 36” or 18”- Select Before Adding to Cart
  • Shorter/Thinner Gauge Cables Available
  • Error Free Install-Replacement Guarantee 
  • Includes All Needed Connectors
  • Based on Specific RF Needs
  • Double Shielded - Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Flexible Cable, Easy to Feed/Manipulate Through Vests
  • Gold Plated Connectors & Copper Core- High Conductivity 
  • Quick Disconnect Radio Adapter 
  • No Tools Needed
  • Lowest Profile
  • MOLLE Antenna Pouch: Securely attach via MOLLE weaving technique. High Quality & Adjustable
  • Black, Tan, or Green Pouch Options
  • Contact Us For Custom Sizes

Ask your department radio tech for radio frequency information.

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    12 Month 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

    3 Months of Line Of Duty Protection: Warranty against damage/abuse to unit while on duty: Cracked casings, water damage, pulled cables, shock damage, etc. Upgrade to 2 or 3 Year Warranty

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