Refresher Kit For Radio Earpiece - Acoustic Tube Assembly & Any 2 Ear Inserts


Our exclusive Refresher Kit is designed to make your earpiece sound and look new. If your are having low sound issues or if your clear tube is turning yellow/the color of your uniform, this kit is for you. Universal to all manufacturers, Includes:

  • 1 Clear or Black Hypoallergenic Acoustic Tube Kit
    • Acoustic Tube
    • Speaker & Ear Insert Connectors
    • 2 Ear Silicon Buds
  • Customizable Tube - Alter length w/o damaging tube or sound
  • 2 Hypoallergenic Ear Inserts:
    • Noise Attenuation Earbud
    • Fin Ear Insert
    • Pink/Clear/Black Ear Mold
  • Tube Wont Obstruct Temples from Glasses
-Usually Ships In Hours - Delivers in Days