OTTO TAC NoizeBarrier Headset w/ Active Hearing Protection - Motorola: APX (Apex) Series, XPR Series, SRX2200, & More


OTTO Tactical Headset-Latest 2023 Version & Push To Talk(PTT) Adapter For Motorola APX900 APX1000 APX2000 APX3000 APX4000 APX5000 APX6000/LI/XE APX7000/L/XE APX8000 SRX2200 XPR6100 XPR6300 XPR6350 XPR6380 XPR6500 XPR6550 PR6580 XPR7350/e XPR7380/e XPR7550/e XPR7580/e DP3400 DP3401 DP3600 DP3601 DP4400e DP4600 DP4800 XiR P8600/i P8608/i P8620/i P8628/i P8660/i P8668/i & More

The NoizeBarrier® TAC is the industry’s first fully modular tactical communications headset featuring industry-leading hearing protection and 360˚ advanced situational awareness to enhance decision making in a tactical environment.

OTTO has collaborated with tactical operators to design and engineer a headset that meets the demands of today’s modern service person. The result is a headset that improves the ability to hear important conversations or commands in areas with high-background and potentially harmful impulse noises. 

The  NoizeBarrier® TAC headset delivers an unparalleled soundscape experience by producing crystal clear radio communications and has an external microphone that allows for a state of the art talk-through experience. Have clear/enhanced hearing during safe audio level.

This headset is field changeable between headband and optional helmet mount system without tools. Ultra-soft proprietary memory foam ear seals by Comply provide a secure comfortable seal and significantly reduce noise. Viscoelastic materials that are body heat activated minimize pressure points and eliminate acoustic leaks around head gear, such as eye glasses. Ear seals snap in for easy field replacement, multiple ear seal options available for optimal performance and comfort The scalloped front ear cups reduce interference with rifle stock. Boom microphone can be mounted on the left or right side and is telescopic for user to adjust distance from face.

  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone with active wind noise reduction virtually eliminates background noise, ensuring clear radio transmission
  • Future Proof Your Setup: Select Quick Disconnect Upgrade Before Adding To Cart
  • IP68- Dust sealed and waterproof(Submersible)
  • TP-120 Nexus Connector, cross compatible with NATO/Military Wiring, Gentex, Ops-Core, Select Peltor Models.
  • Volume-adjustable situational awareness microphones provide accurate sound localization to deliver an unparalleled soundscape experience for maximum safety and combat effectiveness
  • Does Not Disable Emergency Button
  • P25/Digital Radio Compatible
  • IMPRES Compatible
  • Loud noises are reduced to a safe level with no clipping or shut-down of situational awareness when impulse noises are present (NRR of 23 dB)
  • Helmet Mount Options: Team Wendy, ARC/FAST/Ops-Core, M-LOK/MTEK/HHV - Includes compartments for extra batteries.  - Available Only in Black
  • Available colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab Green
  • 75 hours of operating time while using battery power without degradation of sound quality.
  • Automatic shut down after 2 hours of idle time
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G spec
  • USA Country of Origin. TAA, BAA, and Berry Amendment compliant
  • Push To Talk(PTT) & Radio Adapter Harness
  • 21 Inch-Total Cable Length(9 Inches Extendable Coils)
  • Removable Silicon Skin
  • Contact Us for Customization(NATO, Length, Radio, Spec, Etc.)
  • Usual Build Time: 2-4 Weeks

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