Ops-Core AMP Connectorized U174 STEREO Downlead Cable


P/N: 1001228-00/01-0021, 1001228-00/01-0027:

The Ops-Core U174 Stereo Downlead Cable Only for Connectorized Amp Headsets.

The Adaptive Mission Platform (AMP) Headset allows for multiple downlead cable options. These downlead cables gives operators the ability to tailor comms to their mission needs and preferences. Downlead cables allow operators to choose the side of the headset they are physically connected to - offering left, right, and dual downlead capabilities. This downlead is specifically designed for stereo wired PTTs (least common). For standard Nato PTTs check out our mono binaural listing. 

  • Connects AMP Communication Headsets to various push-to-talk, intercom, and radio options
  • Provides high quality, environmentally sealed connection points
  • Select 21 Inch or 27 Inch Cable Lengths
  • Immersion: IPX7
  • Multiple cable options are available for the AMP Communication Headset

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