USB Charging Good 2 Go Kenwood Li-Ion 1900mAh Radio Battery- NX1000/1200/1300/3000/3200/3220/NX3300/3320/3400/3420, TK2200/3200/221L/3212/2300/3300/2302/3302/2312/3312/2400/3400/2402/3402 KNB45L


P/N: G2GKNB45High Quality USB & Cradle Charging Law Enforcement/Tactical Replacement Battery for Kenwood Radio/Walkie NX1000, NX1200, NX1300, NX3000, NX3200, NX3220, NX3300, NX3320, NX3400, NX3420, TK2200, TK2200L, TK2200LP, TK3200, TK3200L, TK3200LP (ProTalk), TK2212L, TK3212L, TK2300, TK2300VP, TK3300, TK3300UP (ProTalk), TK2302VK, TK3302UK, TK2312, TK3312, TK2400VP, TK3400UP, TK2402VK, TK3402UK KNB45L

This ones of a kind battery can be charged in the conventional charging cradle and has a USB port for great on the go charging. 

  • Lithium Ion, 1900mAh, 7.4V
  • Micro USB Charging Cable(24 Inch)
  • Shock Resistant Poly Carbonate-ABS Blended Casing
  • Japanese Cells=Swiss Watch

*Manufacturer is Experiencing Supply Chain Issues Causing Possible Delays*

Do not be fooled by knockoff/bargain buys online. Public Safety Comms is Mission Critical, there is no substitute for quality, especially in the line of duty. If SAMSUNG can get the battery wrong, its best to stay away from cut rate batteries!

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