Tactical Radio Helmet Headset w/ Active Hearing Protection - Harris: XL-150/P, XL-95/P, XG-100/P, XL-185/P/Pi, XL-200/P/Pi, XL-400


P/N: PTH-V2-29: Material Comms PolTact Headset & Push To Talk(PTT) Adapter For Tactical Radio Headset w/ Active Hearing Protection - Harris(L3Harris): XL-150/P, XL-95/P, XG-100, XG-100P, XL-185, XL-185P, XL-185Pi, XL-200, XL-200P, XL-200Pi, XL-400. Helicopter Helmet Comms Compatible!

Active Hearing Protection Headset Designed For Public Safety - Offering situational awareness with active listening microphones that at times will heighten your listening ability over exposed ears. The PolTact Headset features internal audio compressors that instantly shutoff the Active Listening System, protecting your hearing from short term & long term damage/hearing loss. Utilizing High Density Foam Cups, properly sealed & layered housing has allowed our PolTact Headset to offer an average noise reduction to a very safe 28dB. Also protects from percussive noise damage that earplugs just can not do. The bones around your ear play an important part in feeding the auditory system, this headset offers protection from this hidden source of hearing loss. Features & benefits to this kit:

  • PolTact Headset: Ops-Core/FAST/ARC, M-LOK/MTEK/HHV & Team Wendy Helmet Mounted
  • Future Proof Your Setup: Select Quick Disconnect Upgrade Before Adding To Cart
  • Flexible/Rugged Goose Neck Microphone(Replaceable)
  • Right Mount Mic Version Available(Left Handed Shooters)
  • Multi-Mic Noise Canceling Tech
  • Removable Boom Mic- Ideal for Range Day Use
  • Lightweight, Comfortable, & Protective High Density Ear Pads
  • Nexus TP-120 Connectors
  • Does Not Disable Emergency Button
  • P25/Digital Radio Compatible
  • Push To Talk(PTT) Adapter
  • 18 Inch Cable: Headset to Nexus Connector 
  • Push To Talk(PTT) & Radio Adapter Harness
  • 21 Inch-Total Cable Length(9 Inches Extendable Coils)
  • Removable Silicon Skin
  • IP67: Dust Sealed & Water Proof
  • Adjustable Volume Level 
  • 200 Hour Life w/ 2 AA Batteries(Included)
  • Auto Shut Off - 4 Hours of Non-Operation
  • Low Battery Tone Indicator at 15 Hour Battery Life.
  • Lab Tested SNR28dB Reduces Loud/Damaging Sounds to 28dB
  • Foldable Design for Easy Storage
  • Optional Removable/Reusable Headband Add-On (Helmet Mounts Are Easily Removable For Headband Installation. Convenient For When Not Using A Helmet)
  • Optional Ops-Core/FAST/ARC, M-LOK/MTEK/HHV & Team Wendy Helmet Mounting Brackets - Overhead Version Available
  • Components Cross Compatible w/ 3M, PELTOR, COMTAC, TEA, TCI, LIBERATOR, Civilian Helicopter & more
  • Compatible w/ Civilian Helicopter Comms/Helmet
  • Contact Us for Customization(NATO, Length, Radio, Spec, Etc.)
  • Zip Up Soft Case for Headset/PTT Storage

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