Silynx: CLARUS XPR Tactical Single In-Ear Comms System- Left Side In-Ear & Control Box PTT Only


P/N: CXPRQH-D/B-SINGLE: The Silynx CLARUS Headset System is the premier option for Total In-Ear Comms. Industry's smallest, lightest, and most reliable tactical in-ear hearing protection/enhancement system. This exclusive version comes with a single, left ear only headset. The in-ear microphone eliminates the need for an external boom mic & ensures the clearest sounding transmissions by practically eliminating external noise. The proprietary CLARUS system incorporates Silynx's hear-thru and sounds localization technology. This feature allows you to maintain complete situational awareness by listening to ambient sounds via built-in microphones. When external noise reaches unsafe levels, the internal noise gate cuts the incoming sound, leaving the user with just hearing protection. 

1x AAA Battery will provide 40 Hours of active hearing protection/enhancement. Battery power will provide function even without the radio connected. Ideal for training/range days that do not require radio comms.

The XPR model offers the advantage of a removable radio adapter cable. The radio adapter is interchangeable via Silynx’s dust and water tight connector system. In the event of a radio change simply purchase the single adapter instead of having to purchase an entirely new kit! This kit does not come with a radio adapter, to connect to a radio/smartphone, check out our collection of radio adapters for the Clarus/XPR headset system. 

The Full Modular feature on this kit allows the In-Ear Headset to be removed for storage or for interchanging headset types. The optional Nexus Adapter allows you to us the XPR system with traditional over the head headsets by Peltor, TCI, TEA, Sordin, etc. 

The Silynx adapter system has the capability of offering dual functionality with a phone via the optional Splitter/Phone Connector Kit. The optional phone kit allows you to listen to music & take phone calls using the CLARUS In-Ear Buds & Microphone. 

It may be hard to believe if you have spent your career up to this point living with heavy headset with hot/sweaty ear cups pressed tightly against your ears/temple/face. The CLARUS system incorporates Receiving, Transmitting, Hearing Protection, & Hearing Enhancement in a compact/rugged package. Do away with the old school headset/helmet rigs and upgrade your Headset & Push To Talk System. 

The CLARUS Push To Talk System incorporates dual/ambidextrous Push To Talk buttons, both/either will trigger the microphone. The position of the push to talk buttons ensures there will be no accidental open/hot mics. The Single Ear CLARUS XPR features & benefits:

  • Removable CLARUS Single In-Ear Comms
  • In-Ear Only Available for Left Ear
  • Comply Hearing Protection
  • 25 NRR / 31 SNR hearing Protection Rating
  • Dual PTT
  • Volume adjust
  • IP68- Dust Sealed & Water Proof
  • Tested to MIL-STD-810F 
  • Made to Order - New Equipment Build Guarantee 
  • 2-4 Week Build Time

30 Day Fit & Function Money Back Guarantee. Purchase with Confidence.

Contact Us for Customization(Detachable Headset/Length, Radio, Spec, Etc.)

12 Month 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

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