Replacement Headband for Tactical Headsets: Material Comms- PolTact, 3M/Peltor- Comtac, & More


P/N: PT-RHB The PolTact Tactical Headsets Replacement Headband for Material Communications, 3M/Peltor Comtac Series, TEA Hi-Threat Series, & More. This replacement headband is perfect for this with an existing tactical headset with helmet mounts or with a worn down overhead headband. 

Unlike other headband in the market, this headband is specifically designed to be installed and uninstalled at will without damaging the headset or the headband. No need to cut and kill the headband like other manufacturers, this headband features a Velcro cable sleeve that can be conveniently closed and opened. Convert your helmet only headset to a multi-purpose overhead headset used for any loud situations, from the shooting range to yard work! Featuring 2 cable management clips to securely position cable between ear cups. Get all the use out of your headset.

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