Radio Adapter for Mic/Earpiece - Quick Disconnect Motorola TLK100, SL300, SL3500e, SL500, SL7550e, SL7580e, SL7590


P/N: 04SR: Law Enforcement/High Professional Grade 6 Pin Radio Adapter Fits: Motorola: TLK100, SL300, SL3500e, SL500, SL7550e, SL7580e, SL7590, SLN1000 Maxon: TPD-8124, TPD-8424 & More.

Connector allows for quick disconnect and detach, in a swift & rapid form.

30 Day Fit & Function Money Back Guarantee. Purchase with Confidence.

See Our Quick Disconnect(Hirose) Headset & Mic Options

Usually Ships In Hours - Delivers in Days

12 Month 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

3 Months of Line Of Duty Protection: Warranty against damage/abuse to unit while on duty: Cracked casings, water damage, pulled cables, etc.

We have the best/easiest exchange & return process. Purchase with confidence. If you have any questions we are standing by to help.  

Cross compatible with multiple brands, but the Utility Mic is all Law Enforcement Grade!