OTTO NoiseBarrier Micro


P/N: V4-11029: The American Made dual-mode NoizeBarrier® Micro earplugs offer active
hearing protection as well as hearing enhancement for extremely effective sound localization and detection. The noise-isolating eartips combined with proprietary sound processing electronics produce an earplug that responds to your environment. Ideal for range/field training or any hearing hazardous area.

The electronic earplugs allow natural hearing when no background noise is present and gradually protect from loudcontinuous noise from vehicles, machinery or gunfire from nearby shooters.

When in standard mode, the earplugs provide up to an additional 15dB of hearing protection when there is a sustained loud
noise. With a simple press on the touch pad, the user activates
enhanced hearing mode, which provides 5X amplification of soft sounds, improving distance detection for enhanced awareness.

In either standard or enhanced hearing mode the earplugs provide maximum protection (up to 40 dB) from loud impulse noises and provide active situational awareness when sound levels are safe. Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 40 dB of impulse noise protection

  • Up to 15 dB of adaptive noise reduction

  • Enhanced mode - amplifies soft sound up to 5X

  • Natural hearing for safe sounds

  • Accu-Technology® high-definition sound quality

  • One-button touch pad, 2-mode operation

  • Storage case displays charging status

  • Assorted Eartips- Includes multiple reusable eartip sizes for a perfect fit: Standard 3-Flange, Large 3-Flange, Universal Foam

  • Maintenance Kit- Filter replacement tool and extra filters for maximum performance

  • Integrated windscreen to suppress noise

  • High-Definition Earplugs- 2-mode waterproof earplugs provide up to 40 dB of blast protection

  • Rugged Charging Case- Fully charged water resistant case provides multiple earplug recharges for up to 20 times

    • Passive NRR: 28 dB (Foam Tips); 23 dB (3-Flange Tips)

    • Frequency Response: 40Hz-16kHz

    • Transducers: Balanced armature speakers, Wide bandwidth, low-noise MEMS microphones

    • Battery Performance:
      Earplugs: Up to 16 hours of active use

      Charge Station: 20 earplug charge cycles from fully charged case

    • Earplugs are IP67 waterproof

    • 1-year warranty