Ops-Core NFMI Ear Plugs for Select AMP Models


P/N: OPS-N100880-02: The Ops-Core Near Field Magnetic Induction(NMFI) Hearing Protection Ear Plugs are the perfect addition to you NFMI enable AMP or RAC Ops-Core Headsets. 

Only Compatible with AMP NMFI Headsets: N101153-02-0200, N101153-02-0201, N101153-02-0202, N101153-02-0203

The NFMI system allows the user to finally have practical dual hearing protection with ear buds. In the most acoustically hostile environments experts have always recommend doubling up on your hearing protection: Ear Cup w/ Foam Ear Buds inside the ear canal. Which provides great protection but nullifies the active hearing protection and enhancements these headsets offer. Not to mention comms into the headset surfer from the volume drop when ear plugs are deployed. The AMP uses NFMI to create the perfect system. The NFMI system wirelessly inputs the audio from your radio and your environment directly into the ear buds. Giving you dual protection without compromising situational awareness or radio communication. NFMI Earplugs+AMP Headset delivers 34dB NNR!!! The ear plugs alone offer a 30dB NRR! Feature & Benefits:

  • Left & Right NFMI Ear Plugs
  • Stand Alone 30 dB NRR
  • 34dB NRR When Used w/ Ops-Core AMP Headsets
  • No Battery/Charge Free System!!!
  • Comply Ear Tips
  • Lightweight: 7 Grams w/ Ear Buds
  • Lanyard For Ear Buds
  • New Build Guarantee
  • 1-2 Month Current Build Time

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