Military Converter Adapter to Law Enforcement/Civilian Radios- For U229(5 Pin) U329(6 Pin) Connectors to Quick Disconnect (Hirose) Connector- Radio Connector Optional


P/N: MIL-SR: Adapter to convert Military Connectors: U-229(5 Pin) U-329(6 Pin) Connectors to Hirose Quick Disconnect Connector Hirose Quick Disconnect Connector. This base kit does not include a radio adapter, ideal for those who already have a quick disconnect adapter. You have an option to add a Hirose Quick Disconnect Adapter before adding to cart. Works with headsets/PTT systems by 3M Peltor, TCI, TEA, & More.

The Quick Disconnect Connector allows for easy quick disconnect, detach, connect in a swift & rapid form. Change between multiple radios by simply changing out the radio adapter. Reduce costs by future proofing your setup.

Use this adapter to connect Military Communication Equipment to Law Enforcement or Civilian Radios- Quick Disconnect Radio Adapter Not Included, Option to Add-On When Adding to Cart. Ideal if your agency received military equipment or if you have military comms you want to adapt to non-military radios. 

Features & Benefits of this kit:

  • 1 x Military Adapter Converter to Hirose Quick Disconnect
  • Compatible Radio Adapter Add-On Option 
  • Compatible with both U229(5 Pin) U329(6 Pin) Connector
  • 5 Inch Cable
  • Does Not Disable Emergency Button
  • P25/Digital Radio Compatible
  • Mil-Spec U-238/M55116 Connector
  • Public Safety Grade Radio/Hirose Connector
  • Plug & Play- No Additional Programming Required

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