2 Pin Motorola Male to 2 Pin Motorola Female Adapter (Motorola HYT Tekk BearCom Blackbox)


P/N: M1-M1-Adapter: For Motorola Maxon/Tekk 2-Pin Radio. Popular for BPR40 Radius MagOne CP200 CP110 CP185 CP040 GP300 GP3000 CT PRO1150 PR400 EP450 CLS & more.

Works with “Motorola” (M1) connector radios.

Accessory clamps included with each radio & available separately.

Now you can utilize earpieces for employees while maintaining the radio connector integrity.

No more breaking the jack inside!

Drastically reduces warranty need!

12 Month Free Replacement Warranty 

We have the best/easiest exchange & return process. Purchase with confidence. If you have any questions we are standing by to help.