Tactical Temple Transducer Headset w/ Noise Cancelling Dynamic Boom Mic - Headset Only


P/N: PTH-V3: Material Comms PolTact Temple Transducer Headset w/ Low Impedance Dynamic Microphone.

Completely Open Ear Headset Designed For Public Safety/Military - The Temple Transducer Headset offers complete situational awareness. Ears are open to ambient listening or use the 29dB reducing ear plugs(Included). Pair this headset with your favorite custom ear plugs for an extremely comfortable experience.

This headset works by inputing sound via vibrations through the Temporal Bone. This vibration signal travels to your ear drums which then gets interpreted as sounds. You get the full experience when wearing the headset, with ear plugs the radio will continue loud & clear with no ambient sounds. This headset is a tactical staple for a reason. Utilizes a noise cancelling boom microphone & tactical Push To Talk(not included) to transmit back. Features & benefits to this kit:

  • Tactical Temple Transducer Headset
  • Noise Cancelling Boom Microphone
  • Adjustable Overhead Strap - Comfortable Under Helmet
  • Adjustable Support Neck Strap
  • Removable Left & Right Ear Plugs
  • Nexus TP-120 Connectors
  • Push To Talk(PTT) Adapter
  • 27 Inch(69cm) Cable: Headset to Nexus Connector
  • IP67: Dust Sealed & Water Proof
  • Plug-N-Play Kit: No Radio Programming
  • Components Cross Compatible w/ 3M, PELTOR, COMTAC, TEA, TCI, LIBERATOR & more.
  • Contact Us for Customization(NATO, Length, Radio, Spec, Etc.)

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18 Month 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

3 Months of Line Of Duty Protection: Warranty against damage/abuse to unit while on duty: Cracked casings, water damage, pulled cables, shock damage, etc. Upgrade to an Extended Warranty Before Checking Out. 

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