Tactical Headset Quick Deploy Audio Input Cable - NATO/Military Wiring, Gentex, Ops-Core, OTTO, Select Peltor Models, Helicopter


P/N: AIC-3.5-NX-N: For Hand Mics with a 3.5mm Earpiece Jack. Most Common for Law Enforcement Hand Mics by Motorola, Kenwood, EF Johnson, & More.

Compatible w/: NATO/Military Wiring, Gentex, Ops-Core, OTTO, Select Peltor Models, COMTAC V/IV and Other Series. Utilizes the standardized NEXUS TP-120 Connector.

The headset audio input cable allows you to listen to audio through your tactical comms headsets and talk back through your speaker/hand mic. This cable was designed as a quick deploy solution. Having a full PTT system running the boom mic on the headset is the best solution. But some rapidly changing tactical environments may not give you enough time to completely change out your everyday patrol gear for your tactical call out gear. The cable allows you to deploy hearing protection by inputing radio calls into the headset and enabling you to continue to talkback through the hand microphone. 

  • 1 x 3.5mm Male to NATO Nexus Female Cable
  • 10 Inch Straight Cable(Longer Options Available)
  • Does Not Disable Emergency Button
  • P25/Digital Radio Compatible

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