Silynx: Replacement Clarus XPR Tactical PTT Control Box Only


P/N: CXPRQH-B-02, CXPRQH-D-02: Clarus XPR Control Box PTT Only- No Radio Adapter Cable, No Headset Included

This modular Control Box is an ideal replacement for those already running the Clarus XPR System. Simply connect your existing Silynx XPR/Clarus Headset & radio/phone connector to have your system up & running again.

1x AAA Battery will provide 40 Hours of active hearing protection/enhancement. Battery power will provide function even without the radio connected. Ideal for training/range days that do not require radio comms.

The XPR model offers the advantage of a removable radio adapter cable. The radio adapter is interchangeable via Silynx’s dust and water tight connector system. In the event of a radio change simply purchase the single adapter instead of having to purchase an entirely new kit! The Silynx adapter system has the capability of offering dual functionality with a phone via the optional Splitter/Phone Connector Kit. The optional phone kit allows you to listen to music & take phone calls using your CLARUS In-Ear Buds & Microphone. 

The CLARUS Push To Talk Control Box incorporates dual/ambidextrous Push To Talk buttons, both/either will trigger the microphone. The position of the push to talk buttons ensures there will be no accidental open/hot mics. The Replacement CLARUS XPR Modular Control Box features & benefits:

  • Clarus XPR Control Box PTT Unit
  • Dual PTT
  • Volume adjust
  • Port for Silynx Radio Adapter Cable
  • Port for Clarus In-Ear Headset
  • IP68- Dust Sealed & Water Proof
  • Tested to MIL-STD-810F 
  • Made to Order - New Equipment Build Guarantee 
  • 4-6 Week Build Time

30 Day Fit & Function Money Back Guarantee. Purchase with Confidence.

Contact Us for Customization(Detachable Headset/Length, Radio, Spec, Etc.)

12 Month 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

We have the best/easiest exchange & return process. Purchase with confidence. If you have any questions we are standing by to help.