Ops-Core AMP Connectorized to MPU5 Dual PTT Downlead Cable


P/N: 1001775-01-0021 1001775-00-0021: The Ops-Core AMP to Persistent Systems MPU5 Dual PTT Downlead Cable: Only for Connectorized AMP Headsets.

Ops-Core Adaptive Mission Platform (AMP) Headset allows you to take advantage of the MPU5’s Dual Comm/Dual PTT capabilities. The MPU5 cable will split incoming radio signals from radio/channel 1 & 2 to the left & right ear cup. Both radios/channels will share the headset mic, simply press the corresponding PTT that you would like to transmit over. If you only have 1 radio/channel connected to the system, the setup will auto configure to deliver the single audio source to both ear cups.

The MPU5 Dual PTT + Connectorized AMP + MPU5 AMP Downlead is the most seamless, true Dual Comm configuration on the market.

  • Water Immersion Safe @ 1 Meter for 1 Hour / 3 Meters for 30 Seconds
  • 21”(53.3cm) Cable
  • Available in Black or Tan
  • Only Direct Connect Option for MPU5 & Headset
  • Locking Collar to MPU5 Dual PTT
  • Genuine Fischer Connector to AMP

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