Invisio X Series Dual Comm/Dual Downlead Headset Adapter: for Dual NATO TP-120/U174 Wired Headsets


P/N: X50-2NX: Adapter for Dual Comm/Dual Downlead Tactical Headsets(Nexus TP-120 / U174) to Invisio X50 Control Box/PTT. For NATO 3M/Peltor, TCI, Otto, TEA, & more

This adapter allows you to connect your dual comms tactical headset to your existing Invisio X50. Ideal for setups received from military surplus. Features & Benefits:

  • Splits Comm 1 & Comm 2 between the Left & Right Ear Cup
  • Auto-Stereo Transfer When Only 1 Comm Device is Connected(Inputs Single Radio Audio Into Both Ears)
  • 12 Inch Converter
  • NATO Headset Connectors
  • Click Here for Radio/Phone Adapter Cables

*Not compatible with V series control box/PTT*

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