Bluetooth Radio Adapter & Finger PTT For Mic/Earpiece: Harris(L3Harris) HDP250 Momentum & DMR Series


P/N: BT-500-H8-V2: Harris(L3Harris) HDP250 Momentum & DMR Series

Bluetooth Radio Adapter and Finger Push To Talk Button will pair with popular bluetooth listening device, or  L.E. Bluetooth Microphones(Mic/Earpiece). Pair adapter to cell phone type Bluetooth Earpiece for Undercover operations. Easily pair Bluetooth mic/headset/PTT only once. This adapter will remember the pairing even when all items are powered off.  

Wireless Finger Push To Talk Button has a 2 year replaceable battery that can be easily attached to a finger, handle bar, steering wheel, shifter, etc. Option for Black or Orange Weatherproof Cover(+1.50), or Heavy Duty IP67 Version

  • PTT(Push To Talk Button) on Adapter
  • Wireless Finger Push To Talk Button
  • FCC Certified
  • Does Not Disable Emergency Button
  • P25/Digital Radio Compatible
  • Radio Adapter Pulls Power From Radio-No Charging Required
  • Easy/Simple Pairing Process
  • Internal Memory

*Bluetooth Radio Adapters Not Compatible With Motorola Bluetooth Speaker Mics*

*The adapter should work with hearing aids that support the Bluetooth HSP (headset) profile.  It will NOT work with "streamer" style hearings aids that use the A2DP (streaming audio) profile.  Operators can contact the hearing aid manufacturer to find out which profiles are supported by the device in use.  Some streamer hearing aids offer an optional Phone Clip addon which will allow them to work with HSP devices. The prescribing audiologist can usually inform if such a device is available for the hearing aid.*

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