360 Flexo Covert/Tactical Radio Earpiece Ambidextrous- 2.5mm Connector - Harris, M/A Com, Otto, Tait - Connects To Speaker Mic


P/N: RO-360F-22-2.5: Undercover/Covert/Clandestine 360 Flexo N-Ear Radio Earpiece, only Premium Tubeless Option. 3.5mm, 22 inch CLEAR cable. 360 Situational Awareness or Sounds Isolation. Configurable to select Kenwood 2 pin speaker mics, Harris(L3Harris), Icom, Otto speaker mics, & other speaker mics using the 2.5mm earpiece jack. The Flexo 360 Series Earpieces are the most covert earpieces on the market. The new Flexo version is a single version that fits both the left or right ear. Designed for complete comfort, stealth, & zero ear fatigue. Eliminate ear aches/soreness & maintain situational awareness with this almost invisible earpiece. This unique, patented kit includes & features:

-360 Flexo Earpiece w/ 2.5mm Connector
-Clothing Clip - Clear
-2 Ear Tips (Total)
-8 Debris Filters (Total)
-Does Not Disable Emergency Button
-P25/Digital Radio Compatible
-Secure Carrying Case
-Comfortably Worn Under Dual Muff Hearing Protection
-Configurable w/ Hearing Protection Ear Inserts
-Ambidextrous Design- Version for Both Left & Right 
-Active Patents - Cable/Ear Fit, Micro Speaker, Transducer Connector & More 
discreteness and audio experience
-FDA approved - All Hypoallergenic Materials 
-2.2 Grams Total Weight - Lighter Than a Quarter!!
-Water Resistant - Nano Tech Coating
- Usually Ships In Hours - Delivers in Days
-3.5mm Version Available(Motorola & other Mics w/ 3.5mm earpiece jack)
-Contact Us about other configurations and integrating this kit to your current setup.

To Connect to an existing Mic/Earpiece Kit use The Upgrade Kit

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2 Year 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

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