3.5mm Listen Only, Long Cable, Clear Tube Radio Earpiece - Motorola, Connects To Radio 3.5mm Plug


P/N: LO35XAC: Complete Listen Only Radio Earpiece Kit: 3.5mm Long Cable, Acoustic Tube - Law Enforcement/Security/High Grade Professional Kit, Connects To Directly to Motorola & Other Radios 3.5mm Plug. 

Works with All Motorola 2 Pin Radios & other brands

3.5mm Acoustic Tube Earpiece, Internal KEVLAR Weaved Lining, High Tensile Strength Polyurethane Cable, Long Cable, Connects Direct To Radio or Phone, iPhone or Android. Ideal for Church / Temple Security. 
30 Day Fit & Function Money Back Guarantee. Purchase with Confidence.
-Does Not Disable Emergency Button
-P25/Digital Radio Compatible
-IMPRES Compatible
-Customizable Acoustic Tube
-Adjust Tube Length Without Affecting Sound Quality
-Tube Wont Obstruct Temples from Glasses
-Option For Black Acoustic Tube
-2 Hypoallergenic Noise Suppressing Ear Buds
-2 Ear Mold Options (Default: 1xLeft Medium, 1xRight Medium)
-Ear Molds Allow You To Hear Ambient Sounds- Complete Situational Awareness
-Usually Ships In Hours - Delivers in Days

12 Month 100% Free Replacement Warranty 

3 Months of Line Of Duty Protection: Warranty against damage/abuse to unit while on duty: Cracked casings, water damage, pulled cables, etc. Upgrade to 2 or 3 Year Warranty

We have the best/easiest exchange & return process. Purchase with confidence. If you have any questions we are standing by to help.