Comply Canal Tip Hypoallergenic Sound Isolating SHORT Ear Plugs - Single or Multi Pair


P/N: SC-FoamTips: Short Hypoallergenic Comply Canal Noise Suppressing Ear Insert - Compatibility: Fits all threaded and unthreaded ear buds, with a 3.5mm stem, from major communication brands such as: Silynx, Invisio, CavCom, Communication Ear Protection (CEP), Clarity Aloft, Crai Spa, EuroSonit, Gentex, Gibson and Barnes, GSM Walker, Invisio, Motorola, OTTO, Savox, Selex, Sensear, Sensimetrics, Shothunt, Surefire, & most Acoustic Tubes.

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Comply™ Canal Tips Ear Tips are the latest generation of hearing protection ear plugs for use with radio earpiece. Designed for Comfort, Secure Fit & specially for Public Safety/MIL applications. Extremely soft viscoelastic foam conforms to the ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal and secure fit. Comply foam ear tips are some of the most comfortable in the industry. They were designed to meet the high standards of military and law enforcement tactical operators who rely on all-day comfort, who demand the best. Comply's Canal Forming Technology (CFT) means that as the foam warms it forms to the ear canal, ensuring a better seal, maximizing noise isolations, creating better retention, and lasting comfort. Depending on use, tips should be replaced every 1-3 months(Manufacturer's recommendation).

  • Comply Canal Tips - Available in Slim, Standard, Large . Select before adding to cart
  • Available as a 1 Pair(2 Ear Plugs), 3 Pairs(6 Ear Plugs), 25 Pairs(50 Ear Plugs), & 100 Pairs(200 Ear Plugs). Maximum Noise Reduction: Canal Tips are engineered to create a custom, deep in-ear fit for maximum noise isolation. Comply™ Canal Tips offer the highest level of noise isolation with average NRR above 29dB. Actual NRR depends on communication device design and requires certified testing.
  • All Day Comfort. Canal Tips are made from a unique, breathable, memory foam.  Comply™ Tips are activated by body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue.  You roll these tips in your fingers before insertion causing them to shrink then you place them in your ears and they slowly expand to a perfect fit
  • A really great feature of these tips is the acoustically transparent filter that will trap almost all dirt, wax and moisture helping to prevent the common issue of tube earphones plugging up.  It is a lot easier to clean the filter in the tip than cleaning the acoustic tube

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