Rugged Radios - RA980 Wireless ANR General Aviation Pilot Headset


P/N: RA980-BT-ANR: The RA980 headset does it all and then some! This general aviation headset boasts active noise reduction, bluetooth cell phone and music streaming, and is engineered from the finest materials including true carbon fiber.

With a noise reduction rating of 26dB, the RA980 provides ANR hearing protection. It is powered by two AA batteries and the control module has a power indication light so you can always know how much battery life you have left. In the event of the batteries going completely dead, the headset is still able to provide passive noise reduction with a rating of 20dB.

The control module also houses everything you need to control your bluetooth auxiliary functions including bluetooth pairing, answering phone calls and adjusting music volume. It even allows you to set your mode to radio priority where auxiliary functions are dimmed when a radio transmission comes through, no priority where all channels are open and heard equally or radio only where auxiliary functions are turned off completely. An auto shut-off will turn the bluetooth off after 5 minutes of no use.

The RA980 was crafted from high-quality materials including leather ear seals and true carbon fiber earcups. With a weight of only 10.23oz, the RA980 might be the lightest headset you will ever wear. A full-flex, rotating mic boom allows you to wear the mic on the left or right side and position it in a comfortable spot in front of your lips while the noise-cancelling electret mic sends your message loud and clear.

The RA980 headset is the top of the line headset you are looking for that will knock out the competition in terms of price. Backed by a 7-Year warranty, you won’t regret flying with the Rugged Air RA980 General Aviation Headset.


26dB 150Hz NRR ANR Protection
20dB NRR PNR Protection
Rotating Mic Boom to be Worn on the Left or Right Side
Full-Flex Mic Boom
EM56 Noise Reflective Microphone
50mm Stereo Audio Speakers
Leather Ear Seals
Carbon Fiber Ear Cups & Stirrups
Wind Blocking Foam Mic Muff
Adjustable Stainless Steel Headband
Universal 3.5mm Music Port
Full 7 Year Factory Warranty


RA980 Headset
3.5mm Music Cable