Boom Mic Headset w/ In-Ear Ambient Sound Control


In-Ear Lightweight - Behind The Head Headset with Knowles Premium Speaker,  Dual In-Ear Noise Attenuation and Dual Ambient Control With Passive Noise Cancelling - Ideal for Live Fire/Sniper Operations

• Premium Sount Quality with Knowles Speaker in each ear
• High Quality Speech Tuned Passive Noise Cancelling Microphone
• Comfortable, Adjustable Metal, behind the head band
• Adjustable Soft Rubber Sizing Band
• Dual Diaphragm Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
• Dual Noise Reduction Ear Tips
• Dual Ambient Control at Ear Tips
• 1 Wire Inline PTT
*Does Not Disable Emergency Button - P25/Digital Radio Compatible*
30 Day Fit & Function Money Back Guarantee. Purchase with Confidence.

3 Year Free Replacement Warranty