Financing Your Perfect Setup

Comm Gear Supply is proud to offer finance options for the comm gear you need and want. We know great comm gear was not created cheap and although we try our best to bring you the best prices available, you may still need help taking the sting out of a big purchase. 

We are proud to partner with Sezzle as our premier buy now pay later finance provider. We chose Sezzle because it allows Comm Gear Supply to absorb the fees & charges usually associated with purchase financing. This means no hidden fees or added charges to the price you see at check out, just a simple installment plan manageable on your terms. Purchase minimums may apply and subject to approval by Sezzle.

We offer PayPal as a checkout partner, which will allow you to take advantage of PayPal Credit for any purchase you make. Simply use your existing PayPal Credit or apply with an existing or new PayPal account. Subject to PayPal approval.